Bad cop / good cop – our experience with Turkish police

(this post was first published in 2014 on our old website)

Sometimes when riding a motorcycle, it’s hard to stay within the speed limit, especially when you are freezing cold and crazy lorry drivers are chasing behind you.

The other thing is that policemen are clever and they wait to catch people speeding when it seems reasonable to go a bit faster, especially on a long straight stretch of double lane with few buildings around.

Today we got caught speeding TWICE!

The first time we were riding pretty much with the traffic. I rarely overtake if it’s not to move to a safer position, so when we got pulled over the first time, I was sure that it was only a routine control and was very surprised when we were told we were getting a whopping €150 speeding ticket. I tried to oppose the fine, especially the amount “suggested”, which seemed more suited for Norway than Turkey, but it was pointless as we could not communicate one word between us. Initially I refused to sign the ticket which really didn’t please the cop, but when I realised that I wouldn’t have to pay on the spot and that the address details I gave were not exactly accurate, I thought signing wouldn’t really matter.

A few hours later we were caught again. I was riding very carefully after the first speeding incident so I didn’t even know when I drove over the speed limit. Whether this was fair this time, I don’t know. My wife seems to think that it was. On this occasion the cops were very sympathetic to our smiles, pleading and gentle begging. In the end we didn’t pay anything and left with a bunch of apples and 4 new reflective stickers on our bike. They even suggested that we swap our visibility vests with theirs and I felt that if they could have they would have.

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