Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in the wild at the coast of Batumi

A week ago we spotted dolphins just off the coast of Batumi. Not just one or two, there were loads of them swimming in groups everywhere. I got very excited and the idea of going in to swim with them in the wild seemed like a dream.

At the time we were with new friends from Poland, Gosia and Rafal, and I managed to convince Gosia to go in with me. I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it on my own, but knowing that someone else was also up for it, I started to believe that this really was possible.

We rushed to the apartment to change to swimming clothes, get blankets, warm clothes, and prepare hot tea for when we came out of the sea. We even took vitamin C before heading back to the beach.

We knew that the water would be cold, but we hoped it would be warm enough to get out to the dolphins and back.

We walked very quickly back to the beach, partly because we were excited and didn’t want the dolphins to swim away, but also because we wanted to warm up our bodies before going in. Once there, we quickly changed and braved the freezing cold water.

For a very short time I thought it wasn’t too cold, only to discover after about 15 seconds, that being in this freezing water was unbearable. Starting from my feet and quickly spreading upwards, was the burning feeling of icy water. Without hesitation we both admitted defeat and got out!

We felt a sense of disappointment, but on the other hand we both felt proud and happy that we had tried.

Any water between 0.5 and 5 degrees is considered freezing. In these conditions it is expected that after about 15 minutes exhaustion or unconsciousness occurs. Looking at our little adventure from a time perspective, I think we made the right choice not to persevere. Swimming with dolphins had to wait for a better occasion.

Interesting facts about dolphins:

  • Dolphins never sleep; they use their left and right side of the brain in turns to stay awake.
  • Dolphin skin is like silk.
  • Each dolphin has a name which other dolphins use to call each other.
  • Dolphins live in a tribe which has got its own language.

There are no living creatures in the Black Sea which swim faster than dolphins.

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