About us

Our travel story:

In 2013 we sold most of our possessions and embarked on a motorcycle adventure around the world. Our tent became our home and we embraced the simple life of slow travellers. From now on we plan to spend our life on the move, preferably on a motorcycle. 🙂

Our aim is to move slowly, only being limited by visa restrictions. We believe that this way of travel gives us a chance to immerse in local culture and better understand the people living in the countries we visit.

About our travelling lifestyle: 

We met over 9 years ago in London, married since 2011, we have been continuously travelling since September 2013, mainly on our motorcycle. Travelling lifestyle seemed and still seems like the only choice for us.

In 2014 we covered over 25.000 km, riding through the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, spending 2 months in GeorgiaNomads at heart; choosing travelling lifestyle, exploring Turkey, visiting northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. Our adventure continued in 2015 and 2016 in Georgia and Russia.

During that time, we started to perfect all aspects of travelling two-up on a motorcycle: riding, pitching a tent, packing our motorcycle, cooking on the road, finding the best camping spots, etc. After being on the road for over a year, working as a team day in day out, we’ve established a very effective and efficient routine.

We are passionate about travelling. We love adventure and the freedom of riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle safety is amongst our top priorities; we always try to take precautions to safely arrive at our destination.

Him – Jacek:

I was born in Poland, graduated from London School of Economics with a degree in Information Systems and Management. Later I used my knowledge to lead international teams as a project manager for top IT companies (IBM and Atos).

In Santorini, GreeceI love challenges. I proved it in 2012 by first completing a marathon, then the same year finishing an IronMan distance triathlon in Poland. Before deciding to compete, I couldn’t even swim and didn’t have a bicycle.

I am an experienced traveller who’s been to all major continents (except Australia, but that’s not really a continent 😉 ).

Her – Rebecca:

Rebecca in Merry Cemetery, RomaniaI was born in Wales, graduated from the University of London with a degree in Philosophy and Theology, and later pursued my interest in human behaviour by studying for a diploma course in psychotherapy. I am an experienced traveller who loves adventure and is not afraid to face any difficulty along the way. A keen photographer with extraordinary patience and a good eye for taking insect pictures.

Jacek believes that I’m a motivating power behind our ventures. I’m definitely a good planner and I’m always ready for another demanding escapade. Teaching English is my passion and I find it very rewarding to share my love for languages.