Altberg Hogg All Weather; great motorcycle riding boots

Altberg Hogg All Weather review – great motorcycle riding boots

When on the road day in, day out for months, the quality of gear used is quickly verified.

Duck taping my old motorcycle boots to keep them watertightBefore we set off on our journey, we bought two pairs of medium priced RST riding boots. They seemed well-made and were comfortable almost straight from the box.

After a short while we realised that these boots may be good for casual riding around the city, but under the harsh conditions for which we needed them, RST boots stood no chance. We even tried improving the design by wrapping duct tape around them, but it made no difference.

We came to the conclusion that it is worth paying extra money for a good quality motorcycle riding boot and decided to buy Altberg Hogg All Weather. Initially we could only afford a pair for me.

These boots have an excellent reputation and after  months of wearing my Hoggs, I know why. They are great motorcycle riding boots; super comfortable and totally waterproof, even in the heaviest of rains. Interestingly some people claim that their Hoggs lasted them over 8 years of daily usage. I know for sure that after 3 months they still look like new when polished, whereas my previous boots were fit for the bin after a similar period.

Altberg Hogg All Weather bootsAnother good thing about Altberg Hogg All Weather (probably the most important for some long distance travellers) is that they are equally comfortable on and off a motorcycle. The longest hike I’ve wearing mine so far was in Georgia on a pretty demanding trail in Borjomi. That day I covered over 20 km and my feet felt as comfortable as in any hiking shoes.

The only bad thing is that the boots can get pretty hot in summer. I wore them on my bike in 35 degrees and it was bearable, but my feet were drenched with sweat during longer rides. Also, they may seem a little heavy at first but it’s easy to get used to this extra weight.

When buying Altberg boots in the factory, they are custom fitted and made to order for no extra fee. The process takes longer but it’s probably worth it. I bought mine in a shop and even though the fitting is wider than I want, I am very happy with the purchase.

To sum up,  Altberg Hogg All Weather are great motorcycle riding boots; protective and comfortable for motorcycle and hiking. They are well made, so I’m expecting them to last at least a few years of intense motorcycle travel. Well worth the price.

Altberg Hogg All Weather boots

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