Caberg Duke helmet review

Caberg Duke helmet review

Caberg Duke helmet Me and my wife have been using the Caberg Duke helmet almost every day for years. We wore it in almost all weather conditions: scorching heat, freezing cold, wind and rain.

We used to use full integral helmets but before setting off on a big travel we decided that we wanted the convenience of having a flip up helmet. From options available on the market, Caberg Duke helmet seemed to us as the best option.

Below are our observations after having been using this helmet for a while:

Positive aspects of the Caberg Duke helmet:

  • Convenience of being able to flip it up during short breaks and talk to people without the need to take the helmet off. This ability also reduces the risk of dropping a helmet.
  • Very comfortable during long hours. In fact it’s so comfortable that you can even sleep in it. Believe me, we tried it and it was as comfortable as a pillow. 😉
  • Nice design. Well, this is a matter of taste but I think these helmets are great looking.
  • Build in sun visor so no need for extra pair of sun glasses.
  • OK, fair enough, you can get lighter then this (for example Schuberth C3 for more than double the price) but at 1.55kg it’s like a feather. Transitioning from a heavier helmet which was giving me a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders, this one is almost unnoticed even during the longest of rides.
  • Sharp test indicates that this in fact is a very safe helmet in comparison with other flip up helmets (on this one Schuberth is nowhere near Caberg…. and let me remind you that it costs MORE THAN A DOUBLE THE PRICE). Results for all impacts zones are “very good” for high speed testing. This for me is a double plus.

Negative aspects of the Caberg Duke helmet:

  • Being a flip up helmet, it’s lauder then any integral. In fact it’s a pretty laud helmet for which I especially had to install much higher wind shield with a deflector. That and a balaclava solved the problem.
  • Can be pretty cold. For riding in a cold, you need to have a balaclava and a good windshield. Even then it can be chilly. I rode in temperatures around zero degrees and managed OK, but it wasn’t a pleasant ride. Caberg Duke is designed is such a way that you can never close the front vent so the cold comes it all the time.
  • Steams up if the visor is fully closed. Probably can be helped in some easy way, but for me it’s just a small annoyance that I got used to. In freezing cold, it steams up. In the heat, it steams up. You just always have to leave a tiny gap open and then it’s OK.
  • Apparently advertised as anti scratch visor but mine was more scratched after few months then my previous helmet after few years.
  • Flip up helmets in general will always be less protective than full integrals. This helmet is a compromise between safety and comfort. Personally I consider it very safe but I know that some people wouldn’t and they swear by integral helmets.

So would I buy this helmet again? Definitely! It’s a quality helmet for a good price. It’s comfortable, light and convenient. As a flip up it provides a very good protection and it looks good. As I have proven on the road, I can live with the negatives.

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