Dreamy Santorini; Island hopping in Greece

Island Hopping to Santorini

We went to Santorini, officially called Thira, for a week to rest from Helpx farm work last year.  We realised pretty quickly that we were very lucky visiting this beautiful island outside of the main tourist season. We saw that in October, when the weather is less stable, prices are much better and the island is not as busy as it normally is. Everywhere we went, we were offered a generous discount. Even the most expensive hotels were 50% cheaper than normal, and almost all restaurants had 20% off their regular prices. That was very good news for us. After CouchSurfing for our first night, we found a really good deal on a lovely apartment in the heart of the island, a city called Fira.

Santorini is a very unique place; it’s famous for its white houses with blue roofs, and countless chapels decorated with bells and crosses. Narrow alleys, traditionally dressed people, donkey owners, amazing sunsets and equally stunning views, make this place a real treasure.

The island was created by a volcanic eruption. The volcano is still active and a visit to the crater can be arranged. Apparently during New Year celebrations, fireworks are placed in a way to imitate a volcanic explosion. Visitors to the island can check out the black beach which is made of volcanic ash, instead of sand.

The island of Santorin has got even more to offer. You can visit the stunning red beach with colours contrasting between vivid red cliffs and deep blue sea. When we got to this beach, there was just one other couple, but I imagine that during peak season it’s crowded with people.

The island is known for its white aubergines and fried tomato balls. Tasty, tiny cherry tomatoes are a trademark of the island. It is believed that the volcanic soil contributes to their unique flavour. Santorini wine is also very tasty and it’s worth visiting a winery to do some tasting. We did and liked a couple of varieties so much that we bought a couple of bottles for Christmas. Unfortunately they fell out and broke when opening our motorcycle panniers.

I would advise anyone visiting Santorini to spend at least a few days there, as day trippers don’t have a chance to fully appreciate the beauty of this island.

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