Izmir – authentic and charming Turkish city

Izmir was a love at the first sight. This city captivated us with its authenticity, warmth and a charming bazaar.

From the very beginning the city of Izmir showed it’s good side to us. First we managed to find accommodation through CouchSurfing without a problem. When we entered the city and asked for direction, to our surprise instead of being told where to go, we were taken to the right address by a random guy.

Within first hour from the arrival our host without any visible worry gave us her keys to the apartment and went out to the event she had planned before.

On the second day we went to the centre and were very positively surprised by the warm atmosphere. Peaceful and spacious main square, just next to the sea, contrasted with narrow and crowded streets of local bazaar, where you can find almost everything, from the delicious and diverse food, through cheap fake clothing, to all kinds of spices and charming cafes.

On top of everything we had such luck that during our stay there was a festival of Balkan folk music and dancing right on the main square which we could enjoy for free.

We spent one weak in Izmir, but it seemed that we could have stayed longer. For us it’s a fantastic city that has a lot to offer. Maybe the fact that it’s not a typical tourist destination adds to its character and authenticity. We loved it.

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