A Kurdish Welcome (Kurdistan by motorcycle)

Each day in Kurdistan, we experience the kindness of people living here. Soon after meeting Taha by chance, we were invited for lunch. Not only that, he became our guide for the day, took us for ice-cream and even paid for our petrol. Later he asked us to spend the night in his house and had his wife prepare a lovely dinner and breakfast for us. We spent a fantastic time with Taha’s family and are happy that our paths crossed.

The most intriguing thing about this man was his life story. He told us about having to leave his home in 1975 to escape Saddam Husain’s attack on Kurdish people, his father’s passing away whilst in the exile, and about the 19 years he spent in the mountains as a peshmerga fighting for the freedom of Kurdistan.

Thanks to people like Taha, willing to sacrifice his life, this region is now autonomous. For me it’s amazing how people who were oppressed for such a long time and have suffered so greatly, can possess so much kindness towards strangers.

Iraqi Kurdistan Kurdistan by motorcycle

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