A Kurdish Welcome (Kurdistan by motorcycle) Posted in: All blog posts, Iraq - Each day in Kurdistan, we experience the kindness of people living here. Soon after meeting Taha by chance, we were invited for lunch. Not only that, he became our guide for the day, took us for ice-cream and even paid for our petrol. Later he asked us to spend the night in his house ...Read More
Alqosh, an Assyrian surprise in Iraq Posted in: All blog posts, Iraq - Getting lost in Iraq, finding Alqosh Our plan was to spend 2 weeks in Kurdistan, a northern and independent region of Iraq. My research consisted of a few hours on the internet which resulted in a rough route. We knew it was safe for travel and that people were kind and friendly. For our ...Read More
Iraqi Kurdistan Riding a motorcycle in Iraqi Kurdistan Posted in: All blog posts, Iraq - (this post was written in 2015. I cannot comment on the current situation in Kurdistan) Kurdish region of Iraq is not only a safe place, it’s also an amazing destination to visit. We travelled to Kurdish Iraq on the motorcycle and loved every moment of our stay there. In Kurdistan the mountains are beautiful, ...Read More