Travelling and cooking on the road

We love good food. We can give up many comforts of life while travelling but eating well is the only thing that we are not willing to compromise. We also enjoy healthy food and couldn’t eat junk for months.

Cooking your own food

cooking on the roadIn the past we travelled without a cooker and we either ate bad quality food or spent a fortune on restaurants. Now the kitchen comes with us and wherever we are, we can quickly make something tasty and healthy to eat. Our plan is to travel indefinitely, so compromising on food could be disastrous, health and budget wise.

Indian food is our favourite, therefore we always carry a lot of spices with us. Since we hit the road in 2013, it now got to the point that half of all that we have on our bike is related to cooking. Click here to see the list of things we carry in our mobile kitchen.

Eating out

Besides cooking, there are times when we go to restaurants to eat out. Travelling for us is about experiencing the culture, and food is a very important aspect of it. We try to choose places where locals eat and each time try something new, always connected to the regional cuisine. In addition, being in a restaurant and eating amongst local people can be a unique and interesting experience. In order to enrich our experience of eating out, we visit a whole range of places, from the cheapest to more luxurious (if we can afford it).

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